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ExtremeBeam 123A 3.0V Charge Kit

ExtremeBeam 123A 3.0V Charge Kit



ExtremeBeam 123A 3.0V Charge Kit - ExtremeBeam 123A charger charges two CR123 batteries at the simultaneously. This charging kit comes with four rechargeable CR123 batteries so you can keep your ExtremeBeam flashlights running all day.


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ExtremeBeam 123A 3.0V Charge Kit - ExtremeBeam 123A charging kit charges two CR123 batteries. With four rechargeable CR123 batteries that are included you will be able to use your ExtremeBeam flashlights all day. With rechargeable batteries you will be able to keep your flashlight running at optimal brightness. Includes car and wall adapters allowing you to charge in multiple locations.

  • Includes:4 Rechargeable 3.0 Volt CR123, Wall and Car Adapter

    Olson of Albuquerque, NM - March, 01 2015:

    I bought these batteries and charger for X21-Blackbird but they only gave me an hour of battery life when fully charged. So returned them and was gonna buy 18650's but a Sportsman's employee notified me that they were also no good. A lot of customers returned the 18650's because they weren't charging. So got my refund. But I love the flashlight though! I use my flashlight for work in the early hours of the morning. Bad batteries, Great Flashlight!

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