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Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Fishing Shelter

Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Fishing Shelter

Sale: $161.49
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Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Fishing ShelterEskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Fishing Shelter - Hands down the Eskimo Quickfish 3 is most portable ice fishing shelter on the market. A backpack holds the shelter for easy transport allowing anglers to haul the tent where the fish are.

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Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Fishing Shelter - Eskimo originated the category of Pop-Up Portables. Easy 60-second set up and take down. Storage pockets keep your fishing gear handy. Reinforced corners for strength and durability. Reliable YKK quality zippers. Removable velcro windows. Comes with easy-to-carry backpack - everything fits comfortably for easy transport. 34 square feet of fishable area. Strong, threaded ice anchors for deeper connections with the ice. Shelter has interior window covers to block out light. Set up dimensions are: 80"h x 60"w x 60"l

  • Capacity: 3-Person
  • Set-Up Size: 70" x 70"
  • Elbow Room: 90"
  • Height: 80"
  • Collapsed Size: 8.5" x 8.5" x 52"
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
Secondary Specifications
  • Ice Anchor Qty: 6
  • Sky Lights: No
  • Ventilation: 2
  • Window / Door / Gear Pocket Qty: 4/1/2
  • Fabric: 300D
  • Transport: Backpack
Features & Benefits
  • Hub design makes set-up and take-down quick and easy
  • YKK® Zippers on every shelter
  • Mesh storage pockets to keep essential fishing gear handy
  • Heavy-duty material sewn over corner joints for reinforced bottoms
  • True 3-person capacity
  • Portability with carrying bag
  • Removable, Velcro® windows for ventilation control
  • Strong ice anchors with more threads
  • Interior window covers to block out light

Phats of Colorado Springs, CO - October, 25 2011:

Best ice tent that I have ever bought. I bought one of these tents for the 2010-2011 ice season and it has not let me down one time. The ice anchors that come with it are great they screw into the ice very easily and it comes with some guy ropes, they work pretty good but I highly recommend using long bungee cords they work so much better. What I do is hook one bungee cord onto the black loop then fully extend the cord diagonally down to the ice then screw an ice anchor into the ice then hook the other side of the bungee cord right onto the ice anchor. When high winds come and hits the the ice tent it will flex the wall a little bit but the bungee cord pulls it straight back out with no problems. I have used the guy ropes also and they have worked pretty good but when high winds come up I don't have time to screw around with guy ropes so I use bungee cords and so do my buddies. The tent keeps heat in very well, my buddies and I use a single face propane heater and it has no problems what so ever keeping it warm. Tent is very easy to set up takes like 5 min to set up and about 8 min to take down and put back into the storage bag. This tent seats 2 people comfortable 3 people is kind of a bit crowded if they are larger guys. I would recommend 2 large adults and maybe a kid or someone petite. If you are trying to fit 3 adults into an ice tent I highly recommend going with the Quickfish 4 that one has plenty of room for 3 good size adults. The flaps on the bottom work really good but make sure as soon as you put up your ice tent that you go around the edges and put snow/ice onto the flaps to hold it down to the ice, you DON'T want any kind of wind to get under them flaps if it does the wind WILL pick your tent up and if it's not staked down to the ice you WILL be chasing it across the ice. If you ice fish in windy states like CO, after you set up your tent make sure you always stake your tent down put at least 2 anchors in so it can't blow away. Great tent.

Rees of South Range, , WI - January, 02 2014:

Purchased this tent last fall. Have had contant problems with poles coming out of the roof hub and the roof grommit gave way. Also had a pole exit the sleeve and punch a hole thru the tent. Have now reinforced the roof and all the upper corners, hopefully things will hold up. I have always followed all the directions provided when putting the tent up and taking down.

Nastassia of west valley city, UT - January, 07 2015:

Great tent for the money. My husband and I use this every time we go ice fishing. We use 2 camp chairs and still have plenty of room to move around. We haven't had any problems with it since we bought it years ago.

Dustin of Garland, UT - January, 22 2013:

love this tent I wont go any where with out it now when I am out ice fishing

DSprunger of Cheyenne, WY - January, 28 2011:

I bought this a couple of seasons ago and it works great! When properly anchored down, this has withstood winds in excess of 35 and gusts approaching 50 mph! (Need to ensure that you utilize the guy ropes to anchor the sides.) As for 3 fishermen in it, lets just say that it is COZY. For two though, its great. One man can put it up and when it is REAL windy there better be at least two of you if you dont want to try and chase it down. Same goes for the take down process. I have recommended it to numerous individuals. Two years ago the were only a couple of these on the ice at the Ice Derby in Saratoga, WY, this year there were dozens of them on the ice.

Eric of Draper, UT - November, 18 2014:

This tent is good for a beginner who doesn't want too spend a lot of money. The poles on this tent are so thin that they will break. Luckily first time they broke Eskimo sent me new parts but a couple months later on a small windy day they broke again. Poles are thin expect them too break.

Tom of Wasilla, AK - December, 09 2012:

I recently bought one of these pop ups and am loving it! A small propane heater and I am fishing in a t-shirt. It's nice and dark inside so you can see down in the hole really well. As others have said, make sure you anchor it down or you will be chasing it across the ice. The bag used to carry it could be better quality. Mine is already splitting on the seams. I'm trying to figure out a better system for it.

Shawn of Denver, CO - January, 06 2014:

I bought this tent after reading good reviews. It seemed very durable. Until the first time I used it. As I zipped up the door for the first time, it ripped at the zipper seam and eskimo says it is not covered under warranty. disappointing.

Steve of Anchorage, AK - February, 23 2015:

I bought one of these from a friend of mine and I have been more than happy with it. It keeps the heat in great, holds up to pretty strong winds as long as you use the tie downs properly. It is extremely easy to set up and take down. I plan on getting a bigger one next year for over nighters on the ice.

Randy of Panguitch , UT - January, 24 2014:

I drove two hours each way to buy this, set it up when I got home....Bad zipper! Eskimo said it would take a long time to send it to them then they fix it and send it back to me! customer service said take it back to the store. Poor Quality! I never even got out on the ice with it.

Harold of Casper, WY - January, 16 2014:

Nice idea. When it isn't falling apart it works great. The carrying bag fell apart 1st time out. It was replaced under warranty. This year the fiberglass pole snapped. Not covered by warranty. $8 dollars to replace not bad, but shipping is $17. It sounds like the poles breaking is a common problem. Buyer beware.

Tom Mraule of Montrose, CO - January, 16 2016:

The Quickfish 3 is a wonderful Ice shelter. It is well made and very easy to set up. It is also easy to carry and does not weigh an excessive amount.

Dustin of Garland, UT - January, 19 2013:

love this tent!!!! only issue was the backpack but I figured that issue out. stays really warm when you have your heater in it and all I can say is I will never fish without this again on the ice

James Skowronski of Wallace, MI - March, 28 2012:

I like it my only comment would be to make the Zippered doors a little bigger.

Brian of Great Falls, MT - February, 22 2013:

I used this fishing on a lake on the Rocky Mountain front range in MT and it worked great. The winds were in excess of 40 Mph. I would suggest to anchor all 4 corners and all 4 guy outs and use 3 bungees on the guy outs. I had it up for 4 days and rigs 5 times this price came and went after 2 hours or less and some never set up. It can get warm in 20 f. weather without heat and is incredibly easy to set up and break down. The shelter sets up or can be taken down in less than 2 minutes. This is something to think about when conditions are gusty. I did it all by myself. Including drilling the 8 holes in the ice it took about 15 minutes to set up a stormproof shelter on ice. Save your money and buy this so you can invest in a nice fish finder. It would not make any sense to buy anything else. Also, you won't find a better e commerce sports supply than Sportman's Warehouse. The customer support is beyond compare..., no kidding.

John of Thornton, CO - January, 10 2011:

Have used this shelter several times since purchasing it last month. I did find that I like to anchor out one guy line and have the rest ready if the wind kicks up. If you do not anchor and there is a sudden wind, you will be chasing it. Love the windows and vents. Door works well. Windows come completely out allowing you greater ventilation. Darkens well so that I can see 12 to 15 feet into the hole when fishing. On Boyd I see the entire bottom. Love this shelter. For the price, you cannot beat it. I also have a Clam. I find myself using this one more. It just pops up to set up. Just pull the tabs on each side and the the top. You done. However, don't forget to guy out the anchor. It comes with six ice anchors and two guy lines. I bought longer guy lines. In heavy wind, like on Eleven Mile, it was nice to have all four corners anchored and two guy lines. Shelter held fast. I also like the fact that I can set it up, climb in and then drill my holes. I doubt that it is big enough for three, but will work well with two.

James Skowronski of Wallace, MI - March, 28 2012:

I like it my only comment would be to make the Zippered doors a little bigger.

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