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Eberlestock X1 Hunting Pack

Eberlestock X1 Hunting Pack

Sale: $159.97
Reg: $199.99


Eberlestock X1 Hunting Pack - The X1 is carefully made with premium components, thoughtfully laid out. It features the Quick draw back rifle scabbard and the Ripcord Bow Tether, both on one pack. If you're looking for a great all-'round daypack, look no further.

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Eberlestock X1 Hunting Pack - Eberlestock customers asked them for a great all-around daypack, and Eberlestock developed their x-type packs to answer the call for lightweight, high quality, ultra-versatile hunting packs. Eberlestock focused on the essentials to give you some lean, mean, hunting machines. The X1 is designed for the hunter that wants light and fast mobility. Whether you're a bow hunter or a gun hunter, once you've discovered the ability to move with your hands free from carrying your weapon, it'll change the way that you think about the hunting experience. Of course, this applies to everybody who carries a gun or a bow, whether you're climbing 7000' up to the rim of Hell's Canyon, or climbing out of your pickup truck for a walk to your treestand. There's something wonderful about being organized when you move about with your gear, and the X1 is designed to make that happen.

  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Size: 2100 cubic inches
  • Waterproof Fabric
  • Hydration Compatible

john of sparks, NV - May, 14 2011:

not a 5 day at a time pack but great for one day at a time outings. you can carry every thing for changing weather and gun fits comfortable. the pocket systems are handy and are easy to access.

Zachary of Medford, OR - October, 30 2010:

I had some mixed opinions on this pack. I couldn't get the pack comfortable when the gunsling was in use. I had a tripod for a spotting scope and could never get the pack to sit right. When I wasn't using hauling around the tripod the pack fit great. The overall quality of the pack is great, quiet tough fabric. Not a whole lot of room in this pack, so buy a larger one if your going out for more then two days at a time.

Dustin of Farmington, NM - January, 08 2012:

I bought this pack instead of the Badlands Superday Pack. Holds the rifle good and don't have any issues with the fitment of the pack when loaded. When I load my bow, it doesn't ever feel solid. The quick release is also hard to figure out. Very comfortable pack though. Wore it on both my elk and deer hunt this year.

Sean-118 of Twin Falls, ID - September, 19 2012:

Absolute 5 out of 5 rating. This pack is the perfect size for a 2-3 day hunt. I have packed both a rifle and bow at the same time (dual season hunts)and not only found it supported the weight, but did it comfortably. One great advantage of the riffle scabbard design is that it places the rifle (heaviest carried item) next to the wearer's back, keeping the center of gravity over the back/hips and supported by the waist belt. This keeps you from having to walk hunch-backed to keep the weight over the hips. Not only have I used this pack for hunting, I've also taken it on overseas military deployments. There's not enough room in the built in riffle scabbard for an M4, but it makes a great stash pocket for other gear (spotting scopes, additional optics, etc.). The rugged design makes a great shooting rest and the expandable compression pocket makes for easy access and storage for jackets, shooting pads, veils, etc. Lower side zippers make it easy to get gear out of the lower portion of the bag without having to unload the entire pack. Side pocket for a hydration bladder not only frees up interior pack space, but makes it much convenient for refilling. When I was asked if I would recommend this product to a friend, I would go one step further. I have purchased this pack for family members and suggested it to others in my unit, and several have purchased it, and use it downrange. Eberlestock, keep up the product development for military use! (Also like that they're a local company out of Boise, Idaho!)

Sebastian` of Tucson, AZ - September, 25 2012:

This is an excellent pack for a day hunt or a weekend hunt. It is very versatile and can be adjusted for the likes of the user. It is a very comfortable bag and I would reccommend it to any hunter.

Nathan of Fort Collins, CO - October, 24 2012:

Just returned from my first hunt with this pack and I couldn't be happier. It carried extremely well with or without a rifle in the scabbard. I had no problem packing out elk quarters, and the accessory pockets worked well. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this pack. One word of caution, I am 6'2" and the suspensions system is maxed out. If you are much taller than that, you might want to try a different pack.

Dennis of Redmond, WA - December, 23 2010:

Excellent pack. Purchased and hunted Montana. Very versatile.

Jared of Tremonton, UT - September, 30 2013:

Love it! Enough said. It keeps the gun close to the body so the weight is easier to carry than having it on the outside of the backpack, very comfortable on a long hike into the hunting grounds and also has ample storage for a day or two of hunting. Just need a sleeve to cover the gun boot in the rain and snow but other than that I'd buy another one when this one wears out hopefully in 10+ years.

Joe of Scottsdale, AZ - April, 16 2015:

The pockets are not well designed and this thing is big but does not allow for a lot of storage base on the pocket design.

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