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E-Max Electronic Ear Muffs
Caldwell Shooting Supplies
Caldwell Shooting Supplies

E-Max Electronic Ear Muffs


E-Max™ Low-Profile Electronic Hearing Protection - These muffs will amplify in surround sound below 85 decibels to hear range commands and conversation. The low profile design will not interfere with most shooting styles.

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E-Max™ Low-Profile Electronic Hearing Protection - These electronic ear muffs utilize 2 microphones to enable true surround sound. It will cut off for sound over 85 decibels. The low profile design will fit most shooting styles. They are powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included.)

  • 85dB Cutoff
  • Noise Reduction Rating-23
  • Two AAA Batteries-not included
  • Low Profile

Cycleguy of Albuquerque, NM - September, 21 2015:

I own 3 sets of these and they work great! We shoot everything from .22 pistol to .300 WSM and have never had a problem. Even my noise sensitive 6 year old grandson will sit with me at the range without flinching while wearing these.

Jann Todd of Florence, CO - January, 18 2016:

My husband and I both have a set of these. Used them in a class that required them and loved them. My sister and my husbands brother bought a set each and love them also. Can't even hear the guns go off but can hear the instructor.

Jet of Rocklin, CA - April, 20 2013:

Received these as a present. Checked them out at home. Put in some batteries and tried it out. Immediately heard a constant hum. Not concerned at this stage as the manual stated there might be some slight distortion dependant on location and proximity to electronics. Put it away for the night knowing I would test them out the next day. Next day, hit the range to really try them out. I usually wear plugs in addition to any ear muffs. This time, left them off to get a true opinion on the level of noise cancellation. Wow, terrible! I could immediately hear, very loudly, the sound of gun shots. I was only in the parking lot of the outdoor range and have yet to have a firearm, up close, going off. I set up my bench and started shooting a .22lr rifle. Not too bad. However, I can tell that the left and right sides were not equal. Seems the left side was more useless than the right. Timing of the microphones were severely off. Often times, the noise was cancelled far too late. You would get the full brunt of the blast then hear the ear muffs click and try to offset the bang. As time progressed, few more shooters came with bigger bore rifles like .223, .308, and some 30.06. That is when I started to grimace in pain. These did not muffle one bit of sound. I was lucky to not have ear problems. I waited for a cease fire to put my plugs in just to deaden the sound a little bit. Save yourself some time, hassle, and disappointment and just spend a little more for better ear protection. You may get lucky and get a good pair. However, is it worth the gamble? What are these good for? Shooting .22lr firearms with no one else there shooting a bigger bore. Anything bigger in calibre will hurt your ears.

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