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Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package
Diamond Archery
Diamond Archery

Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package


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Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package - The Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package is one your archer will depend on while developing their skills.

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Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package- Maximum versatility is what Diamond achieved with the Infinite Edge bow. The amazing draw length adjustments go from 13-30 inches, and the draw weight is adjustable from 5-70 pounds. If that were not enough, the Infinity Edge comes with almost everything you need to start shooting. The compound bow package includes a 3-pin Apex bow sight, Hostage XL arrow rest, Octane DeadLock Lite quiver, tube style peep, and a BCY string loop.

  • Brace Height 7 Inches
  • Draw Length Range 13 - 30
  • Draw Weight 5 - 70 lbs
  • IBO/ATA Speed 310 fps
  • Kinetic Energy 74.7 ft-lbs
  • Axle to Axle 31
  • Effective Let-Off 75 Percent
  • Mass Weight 3.1 lbs
  • No bow press needed
  • Infinite draw setting
  • 3-pin Apex sight
  • Hostage XL arrow rest
  • Octane DeadLock Lite Quiver
  • Peep sight
  • BCY String loop

Trevor of Tucson, AZ - March, 04 2013:

I recently got a used bow to get into bow hunting and quickly discovered that I had unusual fitting requirements for a bow. I needed a 29" draw length and the bow I found was 70# draw. Way too much for my lanky frame and arthritic shoulders. This bow was exactly what I needed. The guys at my local SW store measured me and set this bow up perfectly for me. I ended up with 30" draw at 45#. I got home and started sighting it in and in no time at all I had arrows touching in the bullseye at 12 yards. I can hit very consistently with this bow. It is absolutely amazing. Very good quality and a super wide adjustment range. I will never out grow this bow. It is perfect for me and it is dialed in so that I can practice as much as I want so I can learn proper form and technique without wearing myself out and killing my joints. The sight and rest are top notch considering it's a package deal where you usually get cheap components. I am absolutely thrilled with this bow and I am shooting better with this bow than I ever dreamed I could.

Anonamis of Denver, CO - April, 04 2013:

My dimond infinite edge is the best bow I have bought. I recommend this bow and am happy with mine. I especially like the amount of adjustability it has. I can tell that I will have it for a while.

Bryce of Tuscon, AZ - July, 03 2013:

I bought this bow in January of 2013 and am impressed with it. This is my first bow and i would buy another Diamond bow for future upgrades. I have killed small game and am looking for big game this fall. I target practice with my friend all the time and is as accurate as his PSE. I would recommend this bow to anybody.

Pablo of Newcastle, CA - September, 23 2013:

Bought one of these for my granddaughter who goes to college. She had it set up for her at our local SW by a very competent staff member. Came home and she has been shooting if for a long time. The groups are getting tighter and she loves her bow. I like this bow so much that I may just get me one. I don't hunt any more and the fact that I can have the proper draw length with less than 60# of draw weight is appealing to me.

Trent Morton of St. Anthony, ID - January, 22 2014:

this is a very good bow with lots of adjustability. it is accurate and it shoots fast

Jordan of Reno, NV - June, 06 2014:

I have bought this bow twice now and it broke both times. The first one had a metal nob on the cam that broke and i just traded it in for another. the second one broke in about 30 shots and the workers of sportsmans wharehouse blamed me and said i dry fired it when i do not. i had both bows set to 70 pounds and beleive this bow can not handle 70 pounds. it may be a decent bow with less weight but definitely not durable.

heath of West Jordan, UT - February, 09 2015:

Don't let youth fool you. If your not over 6 foot tall. This should be a great starter bow. I am 5'9" 190lbs, 28in draw and only 45lbs draw weight, and this bow fits me perfect. And takes about two min to adjust it for any of my kids from 8yr to my 15yr. can't speak of build quality as this is my first bow and don't know enough about bows to comment on that. I do have a buddy who's fairly familiar with compounds, and after shooting Mine he went and got one for teaching his kids and grand kids. So I can only guess it's of good quality. I have put about 300 to 400 shoots out of this In about a weeks time. Have only had one issue, and that was do to a different shop's mistake In setting it up, but it was not a mechanical issue with the bow. But my local Sportsman's got it sorted out right. I am now looking at buying one for my wife and each of my kids.

B.Dean of Yuba City, CA - February, 15 2015:

Great product. I have been into archery for about 3 years. The fact that nearly anyone can use this, scores even more points from me. I recommend a new sight and arrow rest but for the money I think its the best bow on the market.

brandon of logan,, UT - April, 19 2015:

I bought this bow for my wifes first bow, she has put about 300 arrows through it and the only problem we have had is that the sting stop fell out. Other than that it has been a great bow . Bj at our local store has been great helping her get it set up.

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