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Denali Kovert Casting Rod
Denali Rods
Denali Rods

Denali Kovert Casting Rod

$139.00 - $149.00

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Denali Kovert Casting Rod -These lightweight powerhouse rods help you quickly forget about the days of fishing endlessly and having fatigued arms, tired shoulders, and aching backs

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Denali Kovert Casting Rod -Combine all of the latest and best concepts that have emerged in rod technologies and you have the new Kovert series of fishing rods. From microguides to Skeleton reel seats as well as lightweight EVA handles you might not even realize you have a fishing rod in your hands. Denali has continued its well known tradition of excellence and high performing rods that step up to the plate when anglers need it most. Changing from the past Kovert series this newly redesigned rod has changed the stabilized hardwood foregrip and added dimpled aluminum winding checks which give anglers that extra edge while fishing on the water.

  • IM8 Rod Blanks
  • Semi-Micro guides
  • Lightweight skeleton reel seat
  • Custom EVA handles for max comfort
  • Stabilized hardwood foregrip

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Item # Action Type Length Model Power Lure Wt Handle Brand Line Cap Price Quantity
1376257 Medium Heavy Spinnerbait 6ft 9in K813SB Moderate Fast 3/8 - 1oz 9in Denali Rods 10-20lb $139.00
In Stock
1376258 Medium Crankbait 6ft 10in K822CB Moderate 1/4 - 5/8oz 9in Denali Rods 8-14lb $139.00
In Stock
1376259 Medium Heavy Worm & Jig 7ft 2in K863WJ Fast 3/8 - 1oz 10.5in Denali Rods 12-17lb $149.00
In Stock
1376261 Medium Heavy Crankbait 7ft 6in K903CB Moderate 3/8 - 1oz 10.5in Denali Rods 10-20lb $149.00
In Stock
1376262 Extra Heavy Flippin 7ft 8in K925FX Fast 5/16 - 1.5oz 10.5in Denali Rods 15-30lb $149.00
In Stock
1398904 Medium Heavy Worm & Jig 6ft 9in K813WJ Fast 3/8-1 oz 9in Denali Rods 12-17lb $139.00
In Stock
1398905 Heavy Worm & Jig 6ft 9in K814WJ Fast 1/2-1 oz 9in Denali Rods 15-25lb $139.00
1398906 Heavy Carolina Rig Rod 7ft 4in K884CR Fast 1/2-1 oz 11in Denali Rods 15-25lb $149.00
In Stock
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