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Custom Jigs and Spins Ratso Jig

Custom Jigs and Spins Ratso Jig

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Custom Jigs and Spins Ratso Jig - A Super Soft ultra-slim Finesse Plastic body on a precision leadhead jig. Catch slab-sized panfish when conventional methods fail.

Custom Jigs and Spins Ratso Jig - The Ratso gives a horizontal presentation similar to that of a small minnow. The life-like Finesse Plastic tail is constantly on the move and is all that is needed, since the Ratso should be used as is, without live bait. In shallow water situations, use a dark house and peer down the hole. A bright headed Ratso jig that can be easily seen is best used in this situation. When the head disappears?set the hook! The larger size 6 Ratso can be used for walleye with excellent results. The Ratso's head shows up well on flasher locators, making them ideal choices for deep water use.

  • Horizontal presentation
  • Super soft ultra slim body
  • Finesse plastic tail

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    Item # Color Size Type Model Pack Qty Price Quantity
    419760 Hot Orange 6 Jig RS6-CS-H08 2 $2.09
    In Stock
    419754 Pink 10 Jig RS10-CS-015 2 $2.09
    In Stock
    419755 Chartreuse 10 Jig RS10-CS-07 2 $2.09
    In Stock
    419757 Glow 10 Jig RS10-CS-GB 2 $2.09
    In Stock
    440125 Glow Pink 10 Jig RS10-CS-GB15 2 $2.09
    440123 Glow 10 Jig RS10-CS-GB6 2 $2.09
    In Stock
    419756 Hot Orange 10 Jig RS10-CS-H08 2 $2.09
    In Stock
    419759 Chartreuse 6 Jig RS6-CS-07 2 $2.09
    In Stock
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