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Custom Jigs and Spins Ant Jig

Custom Jigs and Spins Ant Jig


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Custom Jigs and Spins Ant Jig- The Nuclear Ant is unlike any ant ever seen before. It offers a vertical presentation with the addition of a Finesse Plastic four-legged ant collar.

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Custom Jigs and Spins Ant Jig - Ants have always been proven panfish producers and now the Nuclear Ant steps up to provide the greatest ant of all time. The Finesse Plastic legs attract and the gold hook has a long shank that allows you to present a waxworm or several maggots and not affect its action. The Nuclear Ant is a great shallow water choice when fish are aggressive or when a subtle action is needed to entice. Available in two of the most popular panfish sizes 10 and 8, it would be wise to pick up a selection of every size and color and you will never again go home empty-handed.

  • Vertical presentation
  • Finesse plastic four legged ant collar

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    Item # Color Size Type Model Pack Qty Price Quantity
    1022270 Pink / White 10 Jig NA10-CS-115 2 $2.39
    In Stock
    1022274 Glow Brite 10 Jig NA10-CS-GB 2 $2.39
    In Stock
    1022284 Pink 8 Jig NA8-CS-015 2 $2.39
    In Stock
    1022280 Chartreuse 8 Jig NA8-CS-07 2 $2.39
    1022278 Pink / White 8 Jig NA8-CS-115 2 $2.39
    1022285 Hot Orange 8 Jig NA8-CS-H08 2 $2.39
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