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Crossfire Traverse Low Profile Holster

Crossfire Traverse Low Profile Holster

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Crossfire Traverse Low Profile Holster- Finally, a good low profile holster for full sized pistols. The Traverse can be worn in a traditional or crossdraw style. The holster is at a relaxed angle that allows you to draw without wrist contortion.

Crossfire Traverse Low Profile Holster- This is a low profile concealed carry holster that can be carried on the outside of the belt or between the belt and pants. It is a low profile holster that carries full sized pistols. The ambidextrous design will accommodate both left and right handed shooters. The relaxed angle of the holster allows for an easy draw without contorting the wrist. It features the Speed-Retainer system that allows the shooter to remove the retainer in seconds to draw.

  • Contoured design
  • Low profile design
  • 3D holster design
  • For concealed or non-concealed

Bill of Redding, CA - September, 18 2012:

I like the way this holster handles. I wear it between my belt and pants which holds it tight to my body so I can use it as a concealed holster without profiling. I like the soft material design. The retaining strap took a little to get used to after using thumb-snap straps but it was easy to adjust to with a little practice. I use the 4" model with a 1911 that fits well.

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1277087 Black 3-3.5 Inch Righ or Left $39.99
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1277089 Black 5 Inch Righ or Left $39.99
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