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Crosman TEC 1 Pump Soft Air Shotgun

Crosman TEC 1 Pump Soft Air Shotgun

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Crosman Tec 1 - The single-shot pump action shotgun Tac 1 is a short-barrel pump gun with a pistol grip and a six position adjustable stock.

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Crosman Tec 1 - The single-shot pump action shotgun. Tac 1 is a short-barrel pump gun with a pistol grip and a six position adjustable stock. The spring-powered Tac 1 has an extended magazine with a feed dial that holds up to 240 plastic BB's and has an impressive velocity of up to 350 fps. For greater distance and accuracy, The Tac 1 uses the Hop-Up system.

Crosman Tec 1 with the Hop-Up system - great accuracy and distance Magazine holds 240 6mm soft air BB's. Shooting velocities up to 350 fps. Tactical pump shotgun replica.

Clayton of Rocklin, CA - February, 17 2010:

My friends have it, it is a very good gun and it hurts, and has pretty good range!

Tyler of Marana, AZ - March, 14 2010:

This gun is horrible!!! I bought it and it is very in accurate. I even used .30g BBs and it still would curve up or down. I would not buy this gun. EVER!!!!

Bob of pheonix, AZ - March, 16 2010:

I bought this gun 2 weeks ago. Now when i try to shoot it the bb would only go like 5 feet the go straight up. It was also prety expensive for a pice of CRAP gun!!! ""DO NOT BUY THIS PICE OF CRAP!!!""

Tyler of Marana, AZ - March, 27 2010:

I forgot. My outer barrel broke off and it wont go back on. So like I said before. DONT EVER BUY THIS GUN IT IS A PIECE O SH1T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blablabla of tucson, AZ - April, 15 2010:

Sweet gun, hi-cap mag, love it!

Gus of Salt Lake, UT - April, 20 2010:

Good gun for back yard, but breaks way to easy. (Nothing monkey glue cant fix.) also the slightest wind will carry the plastic bb into the sky. i like that it is adjustable stock. One pro of it, it scares the living crap out of noisy neighbors.

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