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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Ant Drop Jig
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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Ant Drop Jig
Comments: Clam introduces the Ant Drop series of tungsten jigs by Dave Genz in this video.

Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Ant Drop Jig

$2.99 - $3.49

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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Ant Drop Jig -Like peas in a pod, 3 insect-suggesting segments combine to form a head-heavy jig.

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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Ant Drop Jig -Generally hangs at a 45, with deadly 60-degree hook eye. Genz loves this one for how it almost never spins as it’s lowered in the water. There’s something about a segmented body that makes it behave differently. Fish know the signals. This is an important jig to have in your lineup. Made From Tungsten, 30% heavier than lead.

  • Made from tungsten
  • 30 percent heavier than lead
  • Small and compact presentation
  • Plummets through thick vegetation
  • Ultra-fast drop to reach deep water quicker
  • Denser than lead to feel bites better
  • 45 degree hook for best hooking percentage
  • Sticky sharp forged strong nickel hook
  • Thin diameter hook for bait piercing
  • Unique three segmented ant bug body
  • Non chip enamel paint

Item # Color Size Type Model Lure Wt Brand Price Order Online
1402633 White Pink Glow 12 Jig 9344 3/64oz Clam $3.49
1402635 Chartreuse Glow Blue 12 Jig 9346 3/64oz Clam $3.49
1402638 White Blue Glow 14 Jig 9351 1/32oz Clam $2.99

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