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Clam Dave Genz Epoxy Drop Jig
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Clam Dave Genz Epoxy Drop Jig
Comments: Jason Durham with Clam Pro Tackle demonstrates the Epoxy Drop jig by Clam Outdoors in this video.

Clam Dave Genz Epoxy Drop Jig

$3.99 - $4.49

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Clam Dave Genz Epoxy Drop Jig -If you left Drops and Half Ant Drops in the same tackle box, this is what their babies would look like.

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Clam Dave Genz Epoxy Drop Jig -Built on a Drop-like body, Clam added a “nose shelf” platform for a Swarovski Gem. Entire jig is coated with an incredibly bright and durable epoxy paint. Interesting presentation properties are introduced with the nose. Alluring light reflection from the disco ball. Talk about something fish haven’t seen. Made from Tungsten - 30% heavier than lead.

  • Made from Tungsten
  • 30 percent heavier than lead
  • Small compact presentation
  • Plummets through thick vegetation
  • Ultra-fast drop to reach deep water quicker
  • Go-to-jig during cold fronts
  • Better control than lead
  • Denser than lead to feel bites
  • High density allows anglers to tune out hordes of baitfish
  • 45 degree hook for best hooking percentage
  • Sticky sharp forged strong nickel hook
  • Thin diameter hook for better bait piercing
  • Durable high-tech epoxy paint finish
  • Unique bug nose profile
  • Alluring Swarkovski gem

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Item # Color Size Type Weight Model Brand Price Quantity
1402641 White Orange Glow Spot #10 Jig 0.0625 oz 9355 Clam $4.49
In Stock
1402642 White Blue Glow #10 Jig 0.0625 oz 9356 Clam $4.49
In Stock
1402643 White Orange Glow #10 Jig 0.0625 oz 9357 Clam $4.49
In Stock
1402644 Orange White #10 Jig 0.0625 oz 9360 Clam $4.49
In Stock
1402645 White Orange Glow Spot #12 Jig 0.12 oz 9361 Clam $3.99
In Stock
1402646 White Blue Glow #12 Jig 0.12 oz 9362 Clam $3.99
In Stock
1402647 White Orange Glow #12 Jig 0.12 oz 9363 Clam $3.99
In Stock
1402648 Orange White #12 Jig 0.12 oz 9366 Clam $3.99
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