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Chrony Beta Master Chronograph
Shooting Chrony
Shooting Chrony

Chrony Beta Master Chronograph



Beta Chronograph Master - Every SHOOTING CHRONY® is made of 20 gauge steel but weighs less than 21/2 pounds.

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Beta Chronograph Master - Every SHOOTING CHRONY® is made of 20 gauge steel but weighs less than 21/2 pounds. It is powered by one 9 Volt alkaline battery (not included) and equipped with a large LCD-readout, 0.5' high. When folded, a SHOOTING CHRONY® measures 71/2' long, 41/2' wide, and 23/4' high. Every SHOOTING CHRONY® comes with an adjustable size, triangular shooting area from 8' 8' to 14.5' 14.5'. The sides of the triangular shooting areas are made of wire-rods; the top of the triangle is formed by a 21/4' wide strip of tough, Hi-density polyethylene plastic, 1/8' thick. All shooting is done through the center of this triangular area, along the axis of the chronograph. Some SHOOTING CHRONY® seen on this Web-site may be shown either with the smaller shooting area or with the larger shooting area.

60-shot memory (divided into 6 numbered strings from 2 to 10 shot each, with one set of statistics for each string)
Can be switched off, taken home and switched on for reviewing, information retrieval or, (together) with optional IBM Interface) downloading onto your computer;
Moves instantly from string to string, interrupts shooting on any string without memory loss, each string delivers its own statistics, etc
Forget Button to clear individual string-memory instantly
Change string size
Delete individual shots, or all data from memoy


Jeff of Soldotna, AK - April, 22 2011:

This chrono suprised me for the money it performed at the same pace as my high dollar similar system. I do think that the base could be wider though.

Shane of Spanish Fork, UT - July, 19 2011:

This chornograph is really a great buy. Lots of memory, very consistent on it's readings, and it packs up small for storage. It's a must for the serious reloader.

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