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Camp Chef Smoke Vault
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Camp Chef Smoke Vault
Comments: Learn More About the Camp Chef Smoke Vault Smoker
Camp Chef
Camp Chef

Camp Chef Smoke Vault

$199.99 - $249.99

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Camp Chef Smoke Vault - While many smokers have just enough power to dry jerky, the Smoke Vault Smoker creates a wide range of usable heat that can be used for smoking ribs, fish and turkeys as well as baking pies and breads.

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Camp Chef Smoke Vault - While many smokers have just enough power to dry jerky, the Smoke Vault Smoker creates a wide range of usable heat that can be used for smoking ribs, and fish as well as baking pies and breads. The Camp Chef Smike Vault is one of the few smokers that will allow you to smoke a large turkey without having to finish it off in your home oven. Features matchless ignition, two cooking grids, one jerky/seafood rack, water pan, and chip tray. 20,000 BTUs.

  • 20,000 BTUs
  • 2 Standard smoking racks
  • 1 Jerky smoking rack
  • Water pan
  • Cast iron wood chip plate

    Clark of Greeley, CO - November, 08 2015:

    Cons: Flame blows out constantly, extending your cooking time by hours. Closing door too fast will also puff out the flame without you knowing, resulting in delayed cooking times and dangerous gas leaks. Smoke tray only gives you about 30 minutes of smoke, then it's over, and they claim you only need an hours' worth of smoke for flavor in the owners manual. Water tray dries our constantly, creating a burnt mess. Not acceptable for Pork Shoulder roasts, and even then, you better set up a cot and watch it constantly, or you will be screwed. Temp control is a total pain, as construction is tin and retains no heat. If your into babysitting your smoking project, buy a true cast iron fire pit and enjoy a constant smoke/heat source that rewards you for your efforts, not a gas powered imitation. Pros: Great for ribs, small brisket, and Jerky. Awesome for Jerky.

    Carla of Saratoga Springs, UT - June, 08 2011:

    I've owned several of the 24" Smoke Vaults and can't say enough good about them. They hold temperatures very well, have room to cook for the entire family, and are just very easy to use. I do competition BBQ and while I can't compete on one of these, I do use it extensively when doing practice cooks. I love the product these smokers put out!! If you're looking for a fabulous gas smoker, you can't go wrong with the Smoke Vault

    Mick of Murray, UT - August, 25 2012:

    I've used my new Smoke Vault 18 twice and love it compared to my old smoker. Our local Sportsman's Warehouse was about $50 cheaper than anyone else, so "Bonus!" Heat is much easier to control than what I'm used to using. I read in some reviews that the thermometer in the door didn't work well, so tested in boiling water before assembly. It read about 5 degrees high, but I suspect that a short probe measuring air temperature through the wall of an uninsulated steel cabinet isn't going to be much better than +/- 5 degrees. I would try to cook without a meat thermometer anyway, so that's a non-issue for me. I have to cut a rack of ribs it two with this smaller unit, but I knew that when I bought it. As an occasional user, that's another non-issue. The last "negative" is that I noticed a small but deep dent in the water pan while cleaning up after the second use. Dent wasn't a problem but the enamel was chipped inside and out. Called Camp Chef and they sent a replacement immediately. Had it it two days. Camp Chef just turned the negative into a positive. That's my idea of a great product. Reasonable price, works great, and terrific support. Can't ask for more.

    michael of spanishfork, UT - November, 21 2012:

    I have owned a smokevault for years now and I haven't been disappointed, . The ribs and briskitte I've smoked in it have been fantastic. And jerky is a sinch. Also the weather isn't a as big a,factor with this smoker it heats better in winter than the electric models .buy. one you won't be dissapointed

    Chris Miller of Mapleton, UT - April, 22 2013:

    The smoker is fantastic. I have used it several times with very good results. The Turkey,Chicken wings and the pork roast were juicy and tender. If your thinking about a smoker this is the one for you!!  

    Shaun H. of Lexington, KY - June, 15 2014:

    After reading all the reviews I decided to give it a try. My first smoker and it works great. The heat is easy to control. I am able to get the temperature up over 400 degrees really easy. The smoker does hold the temperature very well and so far I am impressed and would recommend. The capacity of this smoker is great. I can fit 2 racks of ribs, 2 chickens, smoked sausage, and a pan of baked beans at the same time.

    Mike of Colorado Springs, CO - February, 26 2011:

    I do allot of smoking in my Smoke Vault and Love it. My only regret is that I did not get the 21 inch Vault. It is easy to put together. Easy to use, and produces Great Quality Food. I would recommend it to anyone. Camp Chef has a great support team if you have any questions about there product. My next purchase will be a 3 burner grill with a grill box and griddle.

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    1119337 Stainless Steel door 18 inch 66 18.5"X17"X31" $199.99
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    1136537 Stainless Steel door 24 inch 82 24.5"X17"X31" $249.99
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