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Camp Chef Big Gas Grill 3 Burner Stove
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Camp Chef Big Gas Grill 3 Burner Stove
Comments: Check out this over view of the Camp Chef BBQ Box, included with your Big Gas Grill
Camp Chef
Camp Chef

Camp Chef Big Gas Grill 3 Burner Stove



Camp Chef Big Gas Grill 3 Burner Stove - The original Big Gas Grill comes complete with side shelf and barbecue box that covers two burners. With its massive grilling surface and three powerful 30,000 BTU cast burners, it becomes a versatile outdoor stove.

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Camp Chef Big Gas Grill 3 Burner Stove - The Big Gas Grill will be the heart of your outdoor cooking center. Three powerful 30,000 BTU burners, 615 sq inches of ample cooking space, and fully adjustable heat-control dials enable you to cook with confidence for large crowds. Fire it up with its matchless ignition system. Removable legs make transportation easier and a foldable side shelf provides a food prepararion area. The included Professional Grill Box features a specially designed heat diffusion system and a preseasoned cast-iron grill grate that sears the meat perfectly, trapping flavors in. The two-burner grill lifts off, allowing more cooking space and also fits other Camp Chef three-burner stoves. The Big Gas Grill is the perfect package for tailgating, camping, RVing, or down by the lake.

  • Stove Dimensions: 16in x 38in
  • Cooking Area: 617.5 square inches
  • Cooking Height: 30in
  • Total Output: 90,000 BTU
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Cast iron grill grates
  • Internal heat diffusion technology for even cooking
  • Vented lid
  • 3 cast aluminum burners for 90,000 btu output
  • removable independent leveling legs
  • includes removable grill box

    shane of farmington, NM - September, 27 2015:

    ordered online, received package the next day at the store. have not used grill yet but cannot wait. friend has one and I know grill works excellent. with 3 burners cooking breakfast at camp should be a breeze. thanks sportsman's warehouse excellent service

    Thomas R of Tucson, AZ - April, 21 2011:

    Great stove with a very wide range of outstanding accessories, possibly the most versitile stove of its kind on the market and at a very good price too. Very powerfull burners (each burner is almost 3X more powerfull than the average home stovetop burner) great for high altitudes. also very sturdy and stable.

    blainemurri of midvale, UT - October, 21 2010:

    The big gas grill is by far the best stove and grill combination that I have ever used. We cook on it a least 2 or 3 times a week both winter and summer. The grill box gives excellent flavor to every thing that we have cooked on it. Plus excellent contol of temp so you get those steaks just the way you want them.

    Chris of Augusta, KS - July, 05 2011:

    Great grill. Cooks food fast, easy to clean, love the cast iron cooking grid. We use it camping with other families and the other grills don't even get brought out anymore.

    kathe of soldotna, AK - July, 07 2011:

    we use this often at our company picnics and it's breeze to cook 200 brats in an afternoon. great clean up too. easy to carry around

    Kimball of Twin Falls, ID - July, 12 2011:

    Great Stove and possibly the best on the market. Grill box is a great combination for the 3 burner stove. Not only do I use it camping but at home as well. Easy to clean and set up. The carry bag makes it easy for the wife to move around. There is room for a griddle to cover all my cooking needs.

    jesse of layton, UT - July, 15 2011:

    the big gas grill works awsome. the grillbox was a must for me. cooks very fast, and was very easy to keep clean. the shelve helped me with all my seasons I was using. i highly recommend this grill.

    katie of bountiful , UT - July, 19 2011:

    The best stove camp chef makes! All of the accessories are modular so it makes cooking a breeze!

    Lyle of Merritt Island, FL - February, 08 2012:

    Love the product. Envy of all who camp with us. A bit heavy, but durable and easy enough to get in and out of RV storage box. Should have purchased the wind screen with it -- wind often blows out a burner flame. If you don't have a griddle of your own, get that also - wonderful for bacon, hot cakes, etc. Two negative items: 1- grill box is not quite tall enough for roasts (cooks very well, good temp management, just too short), and 2- grip on screw securing the burner grid has a plastic "wing nut" grip - melted off on the first use of grill and required tools to get it out to clean under the grid... replaced with real hardware. Definitely worth the price. Would rate 5-star but for the plastic screw handle.

    Michele Pierson of Danville, IN - April, 16 2012:

    Purchased one of these grills six years ago. It has been used heavily throughout. Love the grill. Love the space it provides. Have cooked for over 20 people at a time at horsecamp. I think it should come with a wind guard instead of it being an additional cost. The bbq box needs to be taller and made of more sturdy metal. Compared to the stove itself, the bbq box is substandard, not as sturdy as I believe it should be.

    phil of temecula, CA - September, 15 2014:

    I have had several what are considered regular gas grills over the years. This unit blows them all away. You want quick heat - you got it. You need a big cooking surface - you got it. At least 18 quarter pound burgers at once. Or a dozen burgers and a dozen hot dogs at once. You do give up the bun warming area but the third burner is still available. There are several accessory items that can be used on the third burner. Assembly is about as easy as it can be. Open the box: take out the cloth bag with the legs in it: screw on the legs: open the smaller inner box: take out the grill box: set in on the main grill: hook up your propane tank and you are ready to go. 15 minutes tops. Everything was in perfect condition. I have only had this for less than a week and have used it 3 times already. I followed the directions to season the grates. That took about 20 minutes. The instructions say to set the burners to medium which I did and after 15 minutes the temperature gauge was at 700 degrees. This grill gets hot! First a couple of steaks. Set to medium. Got to 450 degrees in less than 5 minutes. A few minutes on each side and perfect medium. Second some natural casing hot dogs. Turned the grill on to medium and went to get the dogs from the fridge. By the time I got back the grill was hot enough. Took about 4-5 minutes to make rippers. That's the way I like my dogs. Great taste. Finally some 85%/15% hamburgs. Set to medium. Waited for temperature to reach 500 degrees. Put the burgers on and found that 3 minutes per side was to long. A medium burger will take only about 4 minutes total on this grill. The high heat does give a nice sear, but you have to watch the cooking time. Very easy to over cook things. I am still learning. The unit does come with automatic start which is not spelled out very well in the listing. I did purchase the Camp Chef Patio Cover (TB90/SPG90)for the unit. It will cover the unit with the grill box in place. I just looks a little lumpy o

    Ross of Lynchburg, VA - November, 27 2014:

    This is a great grill. I purchased this grill because I was tired of trying to cook on the small Coleman stove I had been using. This grill is easy to set up, has all kinds of options, and really puts off the heat. You should be able to cook about everything you want to cook on the warm-low settings. Make sure the hose from the propane tank is no kinked! When we first started using the grill the hose was kinked and we couldn't get it to put of any usable heat at all. Once we figured out that there was a kink in the propane hose....all was great! One of the best pieces of camping equipment I have purchased. Now I need to get the grill for the top!

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