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Cajun Injector Turkey Gold Cottonseed Oil

Cajun Injector Turkey Gold Cottonseed Oil

$11.99 - $29.99

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Cajun Injector Turkey Gold Cottonseed Oil - A healthy alternative for deep frying turkey, fish, vegetables and more. Reusable, high flash point, no cholesterol, trans-free, and no allergens combine to make this one a winner.

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Cajun Injector Turkey Gold Cottonseed Oil - Frying your turkey gives the meat a special taste, and makes it moister than most recipes. When frying your turkey, be sure to use Cajun Injector cottonseed oil in your fryer. Cottonseed oil brings out the flavor in foods, and is ideal for dressings, marinades and enhancing vegetable and meat flavors. Cajun Injector cottonseed oil is cholesterol free. Refined and deodorized, cottonseed oil is one of the purest food products available. Another of cottonseed oil's benefits is the high level of antioxidants (Vitamin E) that contribute to its long life in the cooker or on the shelf. Studies show these natural antioxidants are retained at high levels in fried products, creating longer shelf life.

  • 100% Cottonseed Oil
  • No Trans fats
  • No Allergens
  • Turkey Frying with Cottonseed Oil Brings Out the Flavor
  • High in Anti-Oxidants
  • Cholesterol Free

Sydney of Evans , CO - July, 07 2011:

This stuff works great for frying anything your heart desires, was hesitant at first because this is cottonseed oil and have always used peanut oil, but once I tried it I discovered that it worked just as well as the peanut oil. I also purchased a funnel and filter, so that I could re-use my oil and would recommend doing this to save money and time.

Tanja DuVall of Buhl, ID - June, 01 2012:

This is the only oil I will ever use for frying food or cooking.. it is the cleanest oil you could ever use the tast of your food is just that your food not oil unlike other oils I have used and the fact that is healthy well that is the cherry on top! As I will not use unhealthy foods. I had never heard of this oil before never new Cotten seed oil was an oppt, now this is the only one I want for cooking; I have not tryed it yet for salads :) as I love cold press vergin olive oil but I am sure it will be wonderful~ I tell everyone about this oil

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