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CCI Musket Caps

CCI Musket Caps



CCI Musket Caps - Tough four wing design, lighter explosive charge, and designed especially for reenactment.

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CCI Musket Caps - We made the muzzleloading world a lot brighter in 1975 when we introduced our #11 percussion caps. Why? They were non-mercuric, non-corrosive, and darned reliable. We've now expanded the line to four popular products. In addition to the #11, there's the #11M with more power to light off replica black powders. For revolvers with smaller nipples, there's our #10 cap. And for original and replica muskets and rifles that require large, winged caps, we have the Four Wing Musket Caps. When using any percussion caps for reenactment or demonstration shooting without a powder charge or bullet, only use nipples with a large internal diameter. Standard nipples intended for normal loads can clog when fired repeatedly without a powder charge, potentially causing the cap to fragment. We recommend a minimum internal diameter of 0.050 inch for nipples used without powder charges and bullets. Thoroughly clean nipples and the flame path during firing sessions. Always wear approved shooting glasses when firing any muzzleloading firearm.

Tough four wing design
Lighter explosive charge
Designed especially for reenactment

t of s, SC - November, 06 2015:

This was the only place I found these caps. They work great on my Lymanns and TC 54 cal

Matt K of Salinas, CA - April, 12 2011:

I have used the now discontinued #300 musket caps with my Armisport musket since I purchased it for sending minie balls down range. Now CCI has reduced the umph of these with the 4 wing #301s. The first one I tried did not ignite the powder charge and I was useing GEOX 2f BP. My shooting session had over a 30% failure to ignite the charge. I wrote to CCI and received this response: "the old cap (#300) had a dual purpose, large quantity of powder ignition and reenactors using them in mock skirmishes. The new 301's are just for the reenactors as the priming mix has been reduced so as to not have the cap fail when the nipple becomes plugged. You're probably going to have to change nipples and go to a # 11 Mag cap." (a #11 mag cap has more power?) If you shoot only blanks have at these other wise, who makes a 8X1mm No. 11 nipple for an Armisport Musket? CCI please offer a cap with the power of the discontinued #300, we all don't just shoot blankes!

Troy of Grand Jct, CO - May, 12 2011:

Used this with a new T/C musket nipple. Not one missfire with my Hawkins!

Shawn of Cohasset, CA - November, 13 2011:

Couldn't find any RWS so I tried a tin of these in my Knight Rifles Bighorn. I hunt the northwest states often where the shotgun primers are not allowed so I don't set the rifle up for it. Never had one single problem with the RWS musket caps working. Had close to half of the CCI's fail. I've been known to hunt bear with my muzzleloader and can tell you the last thing you want at close range is a weapon malfunction. To be honest I'll have to split the blame on this one. CCI needs to fix there rectal-cranial-inversion, and anybody who sells these things to hunters needs a good old fashioned B&^$h slap!

Brent of Mesa, AZ - March, 07 2012:

First off the 2 people who reviewed these obviously didn't read the tin, that said for reenactors. As a reenactor, these serve thier intended purpose just fine.

Bob Costa of Cripple Creek, CO - August, 22 2012:

Good Caps. Will always buy them.

Jeff of Bremerton, WA - April, 23 2014:

I have had several misfires with these at the range. These caps are not quality and would not use these for the range or hunting. I notice that they do not seem to be as hot as the German caps.

Bill of Orland, CA - November, 18 2014:

If you are a hunter or target shooter, dont waste your money on these caps. The old extra strength caps were great. These new reenactment caps are to weak to consistently set off normal charges. Stick with the RWS caps.

Edward Hager of Trinidad, CO - January, 26 2015:

I was afraid to make this purchase after reading other reviews. It's been about 20 years since I've owned a rifled musket and CCI changed there primer strength. I have a new rifle and have used these caps with black powder and have not had any misfires. I don't see any problem with them. I was prepared to to change nipple styles but found no need to do that.

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