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Bushnell Laser Boresighter

Bushnell Laser Boresighter



Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter - Its bright, battery-powered laser makes rapid, ultra-precise work of boresighting.

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The Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter is the perfect tool for gunsmiths and serious shooters. Lightweight and easy to use, the new Laser Bore Sighter comes with 5 arbors that are compatible with .22 to .50 caliber firearms. The Laser Bore Sighter runs on three LR-44 batteries, and it can be attached to firearm in less than a minute. Simply select the correct arbor, fit it to your barrel, and turn the laser on.
Five interchangeable expanding arbors for bore sighting most .22 - .50 caliber firearms.

  • For use on calibers from .22 to .50
  • Runs on 3 LR-44 Batteries
  • 5 interchageable arbors

Tyson of Versailles, KY - July, 12 2011:

One of my favorite boresighters very easy to use and gets me on paper everytime i have used it on many rifles and hightly recommend it to everyone that wants a GOOD boresighter at a GOOD price!

Scott Taylor of Draper, UT - December, 30 2011:

Great quality No on/off switch as illustrated, will not work on my XD-40 sub-compact, 3" barrel,

Greg Wright of North Salt Lake , UT - January, 05 2012:

I am sorry to report that this item was pretty much useless for me. It doesn't hold the same position from one time to another when putting the unit in the barrel of the gun. With the gun in a vise and looking through the scope, the laser dot first showed up in the 10 oclock position. I adjusted the scope to the red dot, then removed the laser and put it back in again and the red dot was in the 2 oclock position. I removed the laser several times and put it in again and again. Each time the red dot was in a different position. I experimented with the little plastic stablizers that fit tightly into the barrel and got the same results. How is this useful as a tool for sighting in? If someone from Bushnell would like to tell me what I am doing wrong and make it work, I'd be very happy to remove this review. I rated this product a 1 instead of a zero because it is still useful as a pointer in my Power Point presentations.

Southwest of Tucson, AZ - July, 08 2012:

I bought this thinking I knew the limitations on these devices. My plan was to upgrade/swap some glass on my long guns. I wish I had read the reviews. The beam is tight for a couple feet but looses focus at about 25 feet. No big deal I though. I started with a rifle I knew to be sighted in as a test. The rifle is a Ruger, with a properly setup Leupold scope. I put on the correct arbor and tried it out. Not bad, basically the windage was on but the dot was low in the cross hairs--which it should be at 25 feet. (If that doesn't make sense to you please lookup how to set up a scope to learn about line of sight, the bore, the height of the center of the scope over the center of the bore, the path of the bullet and all that good stuff. I don't say that to insult anyone, not knowing that stuff makes the difference between meat in the freeze and a miss, or worse tracking a wounded animal. Also I want readers to know that I understand these concepts and gave this product a fair shot. Like I implied, I didn't read these reviews before I bought it.) But, as I turned the sighter on and off, the blurry dot moved about 2 inches at 25 feet. And, it would not come back to the same spot. I had the gun in a work stand and was looking through the scope when I saw this. Based on my approximations, and math (which is not my strong suit) that extrapolates to 24 MOA. Or, two feet at 100 yards. Given these limitations I don't need a $50 gadget in my kit that won't save time or money. Even if you are shooting ammo that is a buck a round this thing will never be worth it. Plus it takes little watch batteries. I didn't check the price on those because I had pretty much decided it was not something worth keeping in my kit. To their credit, Sportsmen's Warehouse refunded my money. I took it back the next day with all the packaging and my receipt. My advice is to sight in the old fashioned way, or buy something much higher quality if you have that much of a need.

tom of boise, ID - September, 18 2012:

This product claims to work on every caliber gun but it works best on my smaller caliber rifles. It will get you on the target at 100 yards but I would not reccomend it for sighting in a rifle you planned on using for hunting,

Seth of Ft. Collins, CO - November, 04 2013:

As a quick bore sighter, and preliminary option to actual zeroing in a rifle this works great. I think many of the reviews prior to this one don't realize that a bore sighter is not meant to be the final adjustment to your scope and rifle. It is a means to get it close before you go out to the range so you are not wasting ammunition on trying to get it close. So for what it is, this Bushnell Boresighter is a great product and I recommend it to my friends all the time.

James Tefft of Culdesac, ID - January, 01 2014:

Yes I bought the boresight. It is not the best that is ut there but it fits a lot of the rifls that I own.. I gives me an idea a of where it will shoot. Works pretty good to get insidr the ball park/

James Tefft of Culdesac, ID - January, 03 2014:

Hello. I used it on my 22-250 on the first day and it put my scope into the ball park on the first try. Very easy to use and pretty handy having all the oarts in the little bag to keep it all together. The price wasnt so bad and anyone can afford one. I dont know how I got along without one. Jim

Jody of Warm Springs, OR - September, 15 2014:

Worthless, I tried on several rifles that I knew were shooting right on and this showed to be way off. No matter how many adjustment the red dot was either too blurred or seemed to move. Had to get my old style bore sighter to fix the damage. I consider it to be a waste of money, maybe I'll give it to my least favorite hunting partner as a prank.

jay of london, KY - November, 25 2014:

Not very accurate. Batteries were dead after the first use, 12.00 dollars for new batteries.

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