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Buck Gardner 6N1 Whistle
Buck Gardner Calls
Buck Gardner Calls

Buck Gardner 6N1 Whistle



Buck Gardner 6N1 Whistle - This is a confidence call for call-shy late season ducks.


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Buck Gardner 6N1 Whistle - This is a versatile confidence call for call-shy late season ducks.This whistle calls Mallard Drakes, Pintail Drakes, Wood Duck Drakes, Wigeon Drakes and more. Instuctions included.

6N1 Whistle
Confidence Call
Instructions Included

Lucas Davis of Tooele, UT - August, 31 2015:

The Buck Gardner 6-in-1 Duck Whistle is flat out amazing. Many of us public land hunters know how frustrating it can get when everyone in the marsh is blowing their hen mallard call and the birds start to get a little wary. This whistle produces a variety of duck whistles these migrators don't hear constantly... wigeon, teal, pintail and drake mallard. Late in the season this is my primary call and you will be surprised how effective it can be!

John Hildebrand of Stansbury, UT - January, 31 2016:

This 6 in 1 BGC Call is awesome. Easy to learn if your a beginner and easy to learn to mimck all 6 ducks. I use the Drake Mallard, Weigon and Pin tail the most. great outcome in your spread when using this call.

Kenny of Mountainhome, ID - November, 21 2013:

For a plastic duck call it is not bad.

Kem of Arlington, TN - January, 02 2015:

Love it. It does everything I need it to.

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