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Block Black B20 Archery Target
Field Logic
Field Logic

Block Black B20 Archery Target



Block Black B20 Archery Target - This awesome lightweight target has a high density PolyFusion core that makes this target very durable. No more wood and metal bands inside to wreck arrows. The B-20 is 20x20x16 inches.


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Block Black B20 Archery Target - The high density PolyFusion core gives this target a long life. You can use field tips, fixed blade, and expandable broadheads. The high contrast white on black gives great target visibility, even at long range. No need for an arrow griper, the Block Black series gives one handed arrow removal.

  • PolyFusion Core
  • 20x20x16 inches
  • Four Sided Shooting
  • Handy Molded Carry Handle
  • Shoot All Tips
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 20x20x16 Inches

Bornwithabow of Rogue River, OR - June, 24 2014:

I purchased an older version of this target and shot it regularly for 6 years. One really tough target! I can still find spots to stop my arrows after this long, but my buddies are teasing me about its looks now. Stops all arrows very well but broadheads damage it more when withdrawing them. Don't leave it out in the weather and it will last a long time. Spendy, for sure, but worth it.

Russ of Rogue River, OR - July, 01 2014:

Shot this target for 6 years and it ended up being the taget of choice in hunting camp for my buddies as well. Finally shot the center out of it, but the edges are still in great shape. Broadhead extraction is good until its been used a few years and then parts of the target come out when pulling them. All in all, one really tough target. I have shot Mathews for 20 years now so I'm hitting the taget hard at 70 lbs and it just continues to perform. Expensive? Yeah, but worth every penny if you are a serious shooter.

robbull of iuka, IL - October, 01 2014:

Best portable target one can buy. Very durable great quality. Easy transport. Will buy this target again. The built in handle makes it real easy to move around. Stops arrows very well and arrows are real easy to pull.

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