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Big Game Warrior DX Treestand

Big Game Warrior DX Treestand

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Big Game Warrior DX Ladderstand- This is a towering ladderstand. The Warrior DX has a massive height of 21 feet to the seat. It also features all day sit comfort with arm rests and a food rest.


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Big Game Warrior DX Ladderstand- Getting high above the ground has many advantages for a hunter. It keeps the hunter out of sight, scent is carried above the deer, and visibility for the hunter is greater. The Warrior DX sits an impressive 21 feet off of the ground to the seat. It has a padded seat, backrest, arm rests, and foot rest for maximum comfort. Please see Specs tab for further details.

  • Steel Construction
  • Platform size: 19in wide x 10in deep
  • Seat size: 20in wide x 12in deep
  • 1in seat cushions
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Weight rating: 300 lbs.
  • Adjustable tree support bar
  • Seat cushions: 17in wide x 12in deep
  • One 1in ratchet straps Two 1in stabilizer straps
  • Includes a 4 point full body harness
  • 16 feet to the shooting rest
  • Shooting rail flips up out of the way
  • Shooting rail is removable

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