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    Bow Hunting - My Conversion Story

    It was five years ago that my interest in bow hunting was sparked when I watched a friend sight in his bow for an upcoming big game season. I was extremely intrigued by the entire process, from the sighting in of various pins on his target to the dedication that was required in practicing consistency; ensuring that when the time came to harvest an animal the confidence was there to make a clean, deadly shot. In addition, the thought of using such a primitive weapon to harvest an animal was exciting.

    After shadowing a friend on my first bow hunt as an apprentice, my interest and desire to successfully harvest an animal myself was elevated. Once I purchased my first bow and began practicing I realized there were many skills acquired from rifle hunting that would be beneficial in the transition to Archery. Controlling of heart rate and breathing were essential to ensuring consistent shot placement in addition to a smooth steady squeeze of the trigger. However, once I shadowed my friend I quickly learned there were many skills that were different from rifle hunting that would be necessary to be successful.

    Using a bow requires the hunter to place themselves much closer to the animal than what is commonly seen in rifle hunting. This required more attention and focusing on being aware of the wind direction, how loud one is walking and utilizing what Mother Nature has to offer as cover to your advantage. Though scent control products are used in rifle hunting, more attention was dedicated to ensuring as much human scent as possible was eliminated as big game rely heavily on their sense of smell over hearing.

    For those interested in making the transition to bow hunting and share the same desire as I did to learn the art of archery it is important to know that practice doesn't make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect. Investing in quality scent control products and archery supplies is a great start but nothing can trump the benefit of being constant with your shot placement. There are few things in life that can generate the same excitement as when the time comes and you are only 30 or 40 yards away from the animal you are prepared to harvest, confident in your ability to make that shot count.

    Author Bio

    Chad Thompson has worked for Sportsman's Warehouse for five years and is currently an E-commerce Hunting Merchandiser. Originally from northern California and now living in Midvale, UT, Chad has a passion for the outdoors and loves waterfowl and bow hunting.