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Aquacube Series III Instant Hot Water and Portable Shower

Aquacube Series III Instant Hot Water and Portable Shower

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Aquacube Series III Instant Hot Water and Portable Shower - The Aquacube Series III is the most advanced, portable hot water generator in the world. This great new product is both digital and cordless, just dial in the output temperature and watch it work

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Aquacube Series III Instant Hot Water and Portable Shower - All you need is a power source to charge the battery, a #1 size propane cylinder and you'll have how water at you finger tips. The digital display shows you the temperature of both the incoming and out going water, battery life, and whether or not the unit is pumping water. A push of a button and you can redirect the water from your shower head (included) to the tap. Water source temperature and be increased by 86 degrees up to a maximum if 125.6 degrees. The rechargeable battery gives you a 40 minute run time. This complete kit includes the shower head and pump assembly, AC and DC adapters, and a carry bag.

  • Max water temperature: 125.6 degrees
  • Battery run time: 40 minutes
  • Battery recharge time: 4 hours
  • Temperature lift: 86 degrees above source water temperature
  • Gas type: #1 propane cylinder
  • DC cord length: 6.45 ft.
  • Shower hose length: 6.5 ft.
  • Pump hos

Joe of Phoenix, AZ - September, 20 2012:

I used my aqua cube for my deer hunt last year and it was so convenient. After a long day in the field theres nothing better than a warm shower back at camp.

spence anderson of citrus heights, CA - October, 02 2012:

we took this camping so we (my wife)could take hot showers. it worked very well. its nice to have digital control for temp. it's a little heavy but well worth it.

John of Riverton, UT - July, 25 2013:

This thing looks as much at home on my camp table as it would my kitchen table. It is by far the most gorgeous piece of camping gear that we own and now that we have it I don't know how we camped with out it. We get instant hot hot water with it. We use it to wash dishes, hot chocolate and baby bottles with the flip out faucet (pic doesn't do it justice) and shower of my kids after they roll around in the dirt. I haven't used it as a full on camp shower yet but it seems like it would do the trick. Only negatives I have would be the bag that it came in started to tear and we have only used it on 3 trips thus far. And it didn't come with a jug to use as a water pump source. The first camp trip I just brought a bucket but bugs and crap started to get in the water and I worried that it would ruin the device. After that I bought a semi-transparent water jug, gut out a whole just big enough for the tube and slid the connector through it and that solved my problem there. The LED and stainless steel is awesome and I would highly recommend this to anyone that camps.

Reed Lukens of Alta, CA - September, 05 2014:

I did a review on YouTube on the Aqua Cube. This is by far the best purchase we have ever made for camping long term. Instant hot water for doing dishes. Instant hot water for showers :) I did have one problem this year with it when the "High Temperature Kick Out" sensor went out. So I un-hooked the sensor and wired across the terminals and have never had another problem. We did get some bad propane that made it hard starting so be sure to get the propane filter for it. This year we are running it off of a 12vdc marine battery that is being charged by a Coleman 6 watt Solar battery trickle charger that keeps it charged up and ready to use with no need for a generator. So it is literally push the start and have instant hot water system when camping. We use the 100 gallon stock tank for our summer camp and then a 15 gallon blue plastic drum that can also be purchased here for short camping trips of a couple of weeks or less. We camp full time in the summer and I do lots of reviews. Here is the movie link for YouTube on the Cube, just highlight it, right click and hit watch :)

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